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Dr. Gavin W. Manes is a nationally recognized expert in eDiscovery and digital forensics. Avansic, which Dr. Manes founded in 2004, takes a scientific approach to eDiscovery and digital forensics stemming from his academic experience.

Dr. Manes routinely serves as an expert witness including courtroom testimony, depositions, and consulting with attorneys on data preservation issues. To maintain his expert standing, Dr. Manes contributes academic content published in peer-reviewed journals, presents at conferences, and delivers university classroom lectures.

Speaking Experience

Dr. Manes has delivered hundreds of educational presentations to attorneys, executives, professors, law enforcement, and professional groups on topics ranging from eDiscovery issues to cyber law. He has also briefed the White House, the Department of the Interior, the National Security Council, and the Pentagon on computer security and forensics issues.

The following are some examples of recent presentations Dr. Manes has conducted. His full curriculum vitae, including additional speaking and writing experience, can be found at

Electronic Discovery

Digital Forensics

Conference Presentations

Education and Certifications